Melody Lord

Who Was Melody Lord?

Extraordinary, that is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Melody Lord. She was a unique and rare individual that was extraordinary in all aspects of her life! Melody was an extraordinary mother, musician, friend, mentor, teacher, and the list goes on and on. I have yet to meet someone that did not feel the same way about her. She was an orchestral pianist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for nearly 30 years and was an expert and highly sought after accompanist that accompanied many of the world’s leading artists! Melody was a prolific composer/arranger, composing nearly 400 songs including a full musical! She was an innovator, creating My Accompanist; a series of piano accompaniment CD’s designed specifically for flutists to play along. Melody was a teacher and mentor to so many young musicians. When you worked with her you could tell she believed in you and made you feel special. Her soul radiated nothing but positive energy; you couldn’t help but work your hardest and play your best! She was extremely funny and had a laugh that was so contagious! Yet she was very serious and driven about her work. Compassionate, humorous, accomplished, fearless, and driven are personality traits usually not connected to one individual. Melody had all of them. I loved and admired everything about her!